Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream Advance to 3-0 on Excellent Performance

The Dream pretty much crushed the Connecticut Sun 97-82.

Lyttle's 27 points were a career high. Erika was very effective. Iziane scored 18 points and was shooting 7-for-7 at one time. Lehning had 10 assists. McCoughtry had 32 points, a basket short of tying her career high.

The only other 3-0 team in the W right now is Washington. Here's Pierce W. Huff of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution breaking it down for you.

I go on vacation for five days. So posting will be even sparser than you expect it to. BTW: I don't think we've had a lower (announced) attendance than 4,092.


rogerio silvestre said...

Did Erika have a double-double against CT sun? Maybe, I did not pay much attention to the game...thinking who C. Holdsclow was.....Go DREAM!!!
Great game for Angel, IZZY and LYTTE!

pt said...

Nope, you were correct Rogerio. No double-double for Erika...although everyone was playing so well, you can't blame me for being wrong.

rogerio silvestre said...

Of course not, it was an excellent game for our team...I am so damn happy for it!

uptochallenge said...

Kathy Betty spent a lot of time talking to Ron Terwilliger at the game last night. Is Betty the sole owner or does Terwilliger still have a minor share of the team?

Anonymous said...

Kathy is the only owner. And yes that was an amazingly bad crowd. ATL needs to wake up to the best team in town! And the Dream needs to do some marketing and old fashioned sales work to help make it happen! Chicago Sky proved past few years that the cheapskate way of doing things does not put people in the gym!