Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facebook Rumors

A random comment by Monique Hall on Facebook:

Monique Hall OMG!!!!!!!!! What is really going on???????? Just got an email that Chamique wants to be traded. I am speechless.

You know, there's nothing to this other than a random post on Facebook. But since nothing has been seen of Holdsclaw in training camp, the Dream front office needs to address this before speculation runs wild. Speculation expands to fill the vacuum left by absent knowledge.


Anonymous said...

I overheard a conversation at the Cookeville game with essentially the same news, from someone who had allegedly spoken to Holdsclaw herself.

(I realize posting anonymously probably negates any credibility my comment has. :)

Unknown said...

I heard this rumor also. Apparently Claw can't play for the same coach too long.

Anonymous said...

As we continue to build this franchise on and off the floor, we are at times faced with making tough decisions. We are currently challenged with one of the most difficult decisions this organization has encountered. Unfortunately, Chamique Holdsclaw recently expressed a desire to be traded. Chamique was an integral part of our success last year and we had every intention of keeping her and having her continue to play a key role with the Dream. We are actively pursuing a resolution to grant her request and we appreciate all that Chamique has done to help our young franchise.

Scarab said...

Not a rumor. Season Ticket Holders received an email tonight from Dream President/COO Toby Wyman that Mique has requested to be traded and that "We are actively pursuing a resolution to grant her request..."