Monday, May 3, 2010

Current Atlanta Dream Preseason Roster

Here is my current understanding of the Atlanta Dream's training camp roster:

C Alison Bales
C Yelena Leuchanka (*)
F-C Erika de Souza
C Shawn Goff
C Britany Miller

F Demetress Adams
F Brigitte Ardossi
F Tatum Brown
F Chamique Holdsclaw
F Sancho Lyttle
F Angel McCoughtry
F Chanel Mokango

F-G Iziane Castro Marques
G-F Armintie Price
G Dalma Ivanyi
G Shalee Lehning
G Coco Miller
G Kelly Miler
G Brittainey Raven
G Erica White

bold type - not listed on Atlanta Dream website
(*) - currently overseas

We have photographic evidence that Brown is there. Goff comes from the University of Mississippi sports website. Miller only comes from the CBS Sports WNBA Transactions page, and we don't know how accurate the news is yet.


Uptochallenge said...

When I spoke to a Dream staff member last Thursday she told me that only 3 players from last year's team were in camp. Have all of these players returned in 4 days?

pt said...

I know absolutely that McCoughtry and Lehning are in camp. I think I saw a picture of one of the Miller twins in camp and I can't believe that the other one wouldn't be there. Chamique Holdsclaw was sighted at a shoe event.

The rest is speculation. Iziane Castro Marques, Sancho Lyttle and Erika de Souza have finished their seasons, and they've had enough time to get to Atlanta. The only person I know that is definitely not here is Leuchanka.

Dreamer said...

According to this, Leuchanka had a pretty good season, especially defensively. I don't know how that would translate to this league, but it is promising. It'd be nice to get something out of her because I have a feeling that Mokango is a project who will be of little use to the team this season.