Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Current Atlanta Dream Preseason Roster

Here is my current understanding of the Atlanta Dream's training camp roster:

C Alison Bales
C Yelena Leuchanka (O)
F-C Erika de Souza (NG)
C Shawn Goff
C Britany Miller

F Demetress Adams (NG)
F Tatum Brown (P, NR)
F Chamique Holdsclaw (NG)
F Sancho Lyttle (NG)
F Angel McCoughtry
F Chanel Mokango

F-G Iziane Castro Marques
G-F Armintie Price
G Dalma Ivanyi (NG)
G Shalee Lehning
G Coco Miller
G Kelly Miler
G Brittainey Raven

Anyone whose name is not followed by something in parenthesis has actually appeared in one of the two preseason games

O - indicates that the player is most likely overseas
NG - the game has never been seen in a preseason game, and there is no evidence that they're in training camp
P - there is photographic evidence that the player is with the Dream
NR - the player is not listed on the Dream's roster on the Atlanta Dream web page

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