Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exit The Claw

It's official now: Chamique Holdsclaw has been waived by the Atlanta Dream. I don't know if her salary counts against the Dream or not, but according to the press release, "The team actively pursued a trade per Holdsclaw’s request but was unsuccessful."

Yelena Leuchanka is finally with the team. She will make her debut against the Sun at Friday night at Philips Arena. It looks like Leuchanka will take the roster spot vacated by Holdsclaw.

(So what do we call Leuchanka? The Bear Claw?)


kansasdreamfan said...

How does this work legally? Does the Dream have to buy out Holdsclaw's contract which still had two years left on it? At least there will be 11 players on the team now.

rogerio silvestre said...

It's a big LOSS for the DREAM, but I hope Angel and IZZY can be good leaders for the team as they did last year....So far, Erika & Bales are doing a great job!!!