Friday, May 28, 2010

You Ever....

...had to wrangle three brand new nine-week old kittens, get them to the vet and deal with an influx of Memorial Day visitors?

Yup. That's why there's no Dream-Mercury preview posted. I'll be lucky to see the game.

Go Dream!


Unknown said...

And I thought the AJC had the best reasons why they havent covered the Drean...Thats a good

Kendal said...

I'm first and foremost a Storm fan *vbg* but the Dream have been my favorite east team from the beginning. I was mad when Agler dealt Izi away, but in the end it was worth is. Swin is 100% back to all start self, and as much as I love Izi and wish she was back here there isn't anyone I'd trade for her. Tomorrow is going to be wicked, the best from the east coming to play the best in the west. Not much home court advantage because they both have been on the road and they both arrive today. Of course this is the deadliest, and loudest arena to play in the entire league. I hope this is a preview of the finals! This will one the only time I cheer against the Dream. Tomorrow we have a tradition to protect!!

We have 3 cats and we got them when they were 4 weeks old. They were feral born, and boy that first day is forever imprinted in my mind, and my hands. Poor things, going from living outside with the feline Mom who had been teaching them to be afraid, very afraid of those big two legged giants, and then being caught by them in a blink of an eye. At that age they are scared stiff, they know they had no where to go, and their little shaking bodies broke my heart, but the thought of them living that harsh life over ruled every other thought. That first few days were a trial for us all, but when the tiniest (I hate calling her a runt)one of them all, Tau crawled under the master bathroom door ran up the ramp of the bed, tapped my face with her paw and then crawled under the covers with me I knew it was all worth it.

pt said...

Oh yeah, the kittens are definitely worth it. Four weeks old is really young for a kitten, and I'm glad they were able to adjust.

Dream vs. Storm on Tuesday night. The Dream enter the belly of the beast. I'm looking forward to the challenge, which will be a big one.