Saturday, May 15, 2010

Digest 05-2010

With all the breaking news, there's not much of a digest this week.

* de Souza signs with Perfumerias
* What Helmut Says About the Dream
* (The Last of the) Dream Games Overseas reports that Erika de Souza will be playing in Perfumerias (Salamanca) next year in the Liga Femenina - the Spanish League. The agreement appears to be for one year.

"Even the best teams in Turkey and with more money were put into contact with it, but Brazil already had the idea of playing in Salamanca and desires are met. This will form a formidable inside game with Sancho Lyttle, plus his partner in the Atlanta Dreams of the WNBA."

Forgive the translation, but with both de Souza and Sancho Lyttle playing for Perfumerias, expect Perfumerias to be a Euroleague contender next year. Another article from stated that Fenerbahce was the team in Turkey that wanted de Souza, which would have put de Souza on the same team with Diana Taurasi if the deal had gone through.

(* * *)'s "Helmut" gives his betting preview of the Atlanta Dream.

Shalee Lehning played the quarterback role but was basically left unguarded because she couldn’t score (3.0 ppg) or shoot (20% 3-point). Unfortunately, the Dream didn’t do much to address the issue. They signed Kelly Miller who has a little more offensive punch to her game but while in Minnesota, Miller had her job snagged from her midseason by rookie Renee Montgomery.

To read the rest - or to get betting preview of eight other teams - visit the link. Yes, Helmut writes about a mysterious Armite Price...but if the readers get their money's worth they won't care about how first names are spelled.

(* * *)

The overseas season for the Dream is finally complete.

Fenerbahce 82, Galatasaray 78. Fenerbahce - which will be even stronger with Diana Taurasi next year - sweeps the Turkish League finals three games to none against Galatasaray despite Galatasaray playing the final game at home. Fenerbahce finished 22-0 in the regular season and swept the playoffs.

GAL: Douglas 22, Young 15, Catchings 13
FEN: Taylor 28, Vardarli 17, Hoffman 16 (Ajavon 10, Yilmaz 6, Sutton-Brown 2)
Yelena Leuchanka: 12 points, 5-for-8 shooting, 4 rebounds, 3 offensive rebounds, 2 steals, 26 minutes played

Leuchanka should be in Atlanta on Tuesday.

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