Friday, May 21, 2010

Holdsclaw: "It was a personal thing"

Chamique Holdsclaw gives an interview to the Silver Stars web site where she talks briefly about leaving Atlanta and the circumstances behind her departure.

"In my situation, I had a great team last year and I loved the players on my team. It was a personal thing between me and the coach. It had nothing to do with my teammates, it wasn't about basketball. You know, all my teams that I've played on in the past, everybody'll tell you I'm great in the locker room, we have a lot of fun and you know, early on it was because of my situation off the court, it was a personal reason which I could not control.

But, you know, this [inaudible] situation in Atlanta was something I didn't expect to happen. I mean I have a house there, you know, I lived there before the team was there and that's where I want to retire. But you know, you don't get everything you want so you can move on and you know, you welcome the new experience."

My translation: we don't know why Holdsclaw left, and we'll never know. "Personal thing" covers a hell of a lot of ground.

UPDATE: Holdsclaw talks to the Associated Press rep in San Antonio.

But Holdsclaw said she asked for a trade before training camp this year because of a dispute with coach-general manager Marynell Meadors.

Holdsclaw would not elaborate, only saying that it wasn’t about basketball and that it “was a thing of principle.”

“It was a lose-lose situation for me,” Holdsclaw said.

Okay, enough of the cryptic crap. Either say the reason, or stop hinting that there was one but that you won't tell anyone what it is. And you decide to throw all of this stuff only after you've landed safely in San Antonio?


Unknown said...

She's been talking to Dan Hughes for weeks? Isn't that tampering?

Anonymous said...

This type of thing reminds me why i never believe players when they talk of how much they enjoy their coaches or teams. Its a business and whoever makes the better sales pitch wins. But unless more of an explaination is given i have to admit my opinion of Holdsclaw has changed and im sure im not alone. I agree that if a statement is going to be made dont treat fans like idiots. In case Holdsclaw missed it the Blame Meadors card has been used before and we'd believe it if we werent blindsided with the info so close to the start of the season. And as much as id like to dismiss gossip i wonder if the roster change theory that some fans predicted would end her wanting to play here now has some merit. One can only wonder.

Anonymous said...

I know the issue... It was "personal" but not that deep that it should cause someone to leave the team. Claw always felt she was Jordan on a church league basketball team.

Anonymous said...

I expected more professionalism from her.