Saturday, March 13, 2010

"And you thought WNBA Live Access was disappointing...."

From the Spanish sports site The website of the Spanish Federation continues to provide coverage for the day of very poor quality. In broadcasting, the actual quality of the image and position of the chambers are very poor in most games. No comments, no placards and time marker, but a deafening sound environment. Nothing more was heard of "The match of the day" of the Women's League. Too much expense for the FEB.

The alternative is the "Basketball in vivo.A good idea, if it were not for the markers are not so vivid. Often left standing during matches, and sometimes never even get started. These are failures that we suffer for a long time and remain unresolved. This neglect by those responsible for the FEB website is a reflection of the attitude of its leaders to the Women's League. It is not a money issue, is an attitude problem.

Maybe that should be the counter-argument. "It's not a money problem, it's an attitude problem." I'm going to remember that the next time the WNBA pleads poverty on something.

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