Saturday, March 6, 2010

ODU Grad Triggs Faces Prosecution in Germany

Triggs has broken the noses of two players in the 2009-10 season.

While the big news in women's basketball appears to be the suspension of Baylor's Brittney Griner for two games after she threw a punch at Texas Tech's Jordan Barncastle and broke her nose, Eurobasket reports a more interesting story - at least in my opinion. Former Old Dominion player Sherida Triggs might be prosecuted for criminal assault in Germany after breaking the nose of an opposing player for the second time this season.

Triggs plays for Marburg in the DDBL, the German women's league. On September 27, 2009, Marburg played against Opladen which had been promoted to the upper league this season. Cornelius Damm reports for the website:

Two minutes before the end of the game Sherida Triggs and her opponent Mareike Nettersheim (186-C) are battling for the rebound. Triggs gets the ball but Nettersheim reaches in from behind to steal the ball. To get rid of her Triggs hammers her elbow right in the face of Nettersheim who suffered a broken nose and a broken maxillary antrum in this sequence that needed to be fixed in two surgeries. Mareike Nettersheim was out for more than a month and missed the following five games after this incident.

Last month, Marburg played in Halle, and this happened:

The second half of the game had just started as Lejla Bejtic (174-F-85) was running by Sherida Triggs in order to follow her cutting opponent Margret Skuballa she was defending. In the moment Bejtic is right next to her, Triggs extends her elbow out and hits Bejtic in the face who suffered a broken nose that needed to be fixed in a surgery. She was out for 10 days, missed one game and is now playing with a Rip Hamilton mask.

Oddly enough, the referees did not call a foul on either play.

Betjic wanted Triggs charged with assault. Halle coach Peter Kortmann has already been called as a prosecution witness. According to Betjic, ""My nose had to be surgically addressed. I had seven days, severe headache, was ten days doomed to watch and can even play through a special mask that will hinder me a few weeks." (From

Marburg is standing behind Triggs."The DBBL has set no commission to investigate Triggs. That has held the majority of the clubs, that is an obvious winner," said club spokesperson Diana Nusko in the fractured translated English provided by Translate Google.

Triggs will be coming to Atlanta this season...but not for the Dream. She'll be playing for the Atlanta BattleCats of the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League.

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