Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lifelock to Continue Sponsorship of Mercury for 2010

Lifelock will continue its sponsorship of the Phoenix Mercury for the 2010, accordiing to the Arizona Republic.

According to the Arizona Republic, the sponsorship is in the second of three years and was a seven-figure deal.

[Jay Perry, Mercury President] and [Andrew Wyant] said the benefits of last year's uniform naming exceeded expectations. It was covered extensively by ESPN, financial-news networks and mainstream media.

"We blew those initial projections away probably six times greater than we thought it would be," she said.

Wyant said the value of the initial media coverage "far exceeded" sponsorship costs.

Now all we need to see this year is a Coke sponsorship for the Dream. And if Coke won't agree...go to Pepsi. (Evil laugh.)

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Ethan said...

Coke sponsors the LiveAccess feed. I assumed they were more involved with sponsoring the team...?

If you haven't seen my latest WNBA-related post, we're on the same wavelength, apparently.