Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michelle Snow Traded for Dalma Ivanyi and Second Round Draft Pick

Michelle Snow is no longer with the Atlanta Dream. She just got traded to the San Antonio Silver Stars for a second round draft pick and the rights to Dalma Ivanyi, a player out of Hungary.

The news is right here.

So what is this trade about? When Leuchanka finally showed up and with the signing of Demetress Adams to training camp, it looked like one of the posts was going to be going. In that case, it was Snow.

Snow is a better than average player, but last year she declined to average territory and had trouble breaking the lineup. Over her career she's averaged 9.2 points a game, but last year she only averaged 4.5 and only started two games.

Dalma Ivanyi has been kicking around the WNBA since 1999 when she played for the Utah Starzz. She's played in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2006 - a guard that's nobody's answer to anything. And furthermore, a second-round draft pick isn't worth that much, although there's a chance of getting lucking and finding a Nicky Anosike or a Tammy Sutton-Brown (or a Shalee Lehning).

So why make this trade? Probably because it clears Snow out of the roster. Furthermore, according to the writeup from the AJC:

Ivanyi, a 5-foot-9 guard, is the starting point guard on the Hungarian national team and averages 11 points and six assists for MiZo Pecs in the EuroLeague. Meadors said Ivanyi probably won’t play for the Dream this season because of prior European commitments.

Wanna bet Ivanyi doesn't play in 2010 either? Also according to Marynell Meadors:

“This trade gives us the opportunity to have a veteran point guard who will be waiting to come to Atlanta,” Meadors said.

In short, the trade was to clear out cap space. I expect more changes to come soon.

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