Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Euroleague Semifinals Set

The semifinals for Euroleague are set - and we are guaranteed to be writing about at least one Atlanta Dream player come finals time. What makes it truly crunch-time is that from now's single-elimination. One chance, winner-take-all.

The games take place April 4th and April 11th, 2010. In the first bracket, Ekaterinburg will play Spartak Moscow in a match between the consensus #1 and #2 teams. The rule in Euroleague is that you don't want more than half the teams in finals series to come from the same country, and teams will be forced together to prevent that. Therefore, the top two teams take each other one in the first bracket.

In the second bracket: Ros Casares vs. Krakow. What's amazing for Krakow is that they were a last-minute substitution for the dissolved Russian superpower CSKA.

The losers of the those two games will play in their own bracket to determine the third place finisher.

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