Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drama Over (Maybe) in Brazil; Paulo Bassul Out as Brazilian Coach

It has been confirmed by Hortencia Marcari, the women's basketball director of the Brazilian Basketball Foundation and by former head coach Paulo Bassul that there will be a new head coach of the Brazilian women's basketball team.

Carlos Colina will be the new head coach - at least for the next six months. Carlos is from Spain.

Hortencia stated that Iziane Castro Marques was not the reason for the change in coaching. It's been a drama for two years now, ever since Paulo Bassul took Iziane out of a game and then Iziane refused to go back in again. Iziane made it quite clear that she wouldn't return to the Brazilian women's team as long as Bassul was the coach.

Now the big question - will Iziane wear green and gold again? And what kind of reception will her teammates give her?

(Information from the Painel do Basquete Femenino, the ultimate Brazilian women's basketball blog.)

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