Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anne Donovan to Seton Hall; Libs Screwed (Again)?

According to the good people at RebKell, it looks like Anne Donovan - the head coach of the New York Liberty after Pat Coyle was fired in mid-season - is going to take the job at Seton Hall University. It would be her first college coaching job.


Seton Hall went 9-21 overall and 1-15 in the Big East this past season, the worst of (Phyllis) Mangina’s tenure.

Fan comments on RebKell sum it up:

If Seton Hall- a team that laid SUCH an egg against UConn that Geno damn near called out the administration for negligence, lost to Morgan State, got bitchslapped by Colorado, and was absolutely shredded by one of its alumnae- is a better gig than the Liberty, then what does that say about the Liberty?

Coaching in college is 100 times harder then the W!
You don't leave your W job, which is pretty damn well paid, for a job with a pathetic program that will take you 80-120 hours a week, every week, for the next I don't know how many years, for a college job even if it pays more unless you really hate where you are!

The Liberty are a franchise in crisis. I suppose the management is happy with being the Chicago Cubs of the WNBA. The season ticket holders, however, might have another opition.

UPDATE: It might be Patty Coyle instead of Anne Donovan:

Seton Hall, which accepted the resignation of Phyllis Mangina shortly after the Big East tournament, is said to be seriously considering former New York Liberty coach Pat Coyle....

It wouldn't be the first time a dead tree sports reporter didn't know anything about the WNBA and got the most elementary facts wrong.

UPDATE II: It's Donovan going to Seton Hall. She will be going after the 2010 Liberty season. (Link is here.)

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