Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Atlanta Dream Shaping Up, Part III

Here's the current shape of the Atlanta Dream as of this writing:

C Yelena Leuchanka
F-C Erika de Souza

F Chamique Holdsclaw
F Jennifer Lacy (*)
F Sancho Lyttle
F Angel McCoughtry
F Demetress Adams

F-G Iziane Castro Marques
G-F Armintie Price
G Shalee Lehning
G Erica White
G Coco Miller
G Kelly Miller

(*) - Unsigned free agent.

Unlucky thirteen. And after the draft, make that 14-16.


wrongcall said...

What a pathetic situation. There is a reason that most teams have a GM and a coach...not one with dual titles. Marynell Meadors is the perfect example on why you should not have the inmate running the asylum. It is a wonder that Ivory Latta finished the season last season, after experiencing the NASTY-NESS of the coach/gm.

At the end of the day, it is best that both go their separate ways. The owners must really believe in the hype of MM. With 8 new players for the 2009 season with most having some sort of allstar experience...the team was destined for a turn around.....inspite of her coaching.

This is not a slam on any of the existing players with the Dream....but Latta is a "BALLA". I expect nothing but great from Ivory..and a wnba championship from the Dream, since MM was so sure that she could have won the game with Holdsclaw and Lehning. What a slap in the face to the Rookie of the Year (Angel McCoughtry) and Latta.

Anonymous said...

The forwards & Bigs look great but the guards honestly look weak to me...Even if they didntt like Latta style of play they need a better combination than they have for real to have title contention

Anonymous said...

How come everyone is so hyped up on Ivory. If she was as good as you all say why didn't some other WNBA team jump all over it when she was cut last season. It will be interesting to see if she gets picked up elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

How many players can go to training camp. With 13 on the roster now and 3 draft picks they seem to be over populated.