Saturday, August 2, 2008

The WNBA En Vacance

One of my favorite blogs is the Pass the Ball blog run by the Washington Mystics.

I've seen lots of player blogs, but they tend to be dehumanized. The player is simply too aware that their words will be read for public consumption, and they tend to be guarded. At Pass the Ball, however, the players aren't required to provide a lot of information (which loosens up the pressure, certainly) and you get a lot of little trivia that really humanizes the players. I like to read minor things like what toothpaste a player uses -- "hey! I use that toothpaste!" -- and it's nice to know what players are doing during the break.

Some blog entries of interest....

Crystal Langhorne

The highlight of this break is coming up this weekend, the last part of my break. Harp, Kristi Toliver, and Jade Perry are taking a nice weekend getaway. We're heading to Atlantic City tomorrow, we're going to do a little shopping, head to the beach, and probably squeeze in some good food there too. Then I might do a little gambling. I don't really like wasting my money so I think I'm only going to put up 20 to use on that. Of course we will go out somewhere that night. Then on Saturday, we're heading to Harp's house in Philly to a big get together her mom is having for her. After that we're going to get a hotel and go out once again. So I'm really excited about this weekend it should be a really good time.

Monique Currie

So I do get a few days to get away and relax and what a better place to go than to Miami! It will be a mini Duke reunion because Alana Beard and Iciss Tillis will be there as well. It’s not such a big deal that Alana is there because I am lucky enough to see her pretty much everyday but when you throw Iciss in the mix, the three of us really know how to have a good time. I’m sure a lot of memories will be made down there. I look forward to telling you all about them! I’m hoping to wake up early in the mornings and run along the beach while the sun is setting… but I doubt very seriously that that will actually happen though. It really does sound good though.

Currie's July 29th blog entry also talks about her failing a test to get her expired license reinstated, and about how she plans to deal with "fresh meat" Crystal Langhorne later on. Langhorne will learn not to diss her fellow bloggers....

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afoundingfan said...

Pet, I too have enjoyed reading the Mystics' blog. Definitely makes me wish for the same thing from the Dream.

Kinda reminds me of some discussions I've read of late of the players' comments...some provide the same down pat and/or vanilla answers over and over (CP3) and others are fresh and say what's on their minds (DT).