Monday, August 4, 2008

The Petrel Memorial Hardwood Court

From the International Herald Tribune:

The WNBA is giving away a basketball court.

Fans in six of the league's cities will have a chance to win a new court for their town through a contest in which they will compete in various timed drills that will test fundamental basketball skills.

The competition, which will promote healthy competition, sportsmanship and team spirit, is set to begin on Tuesday and will run through Aug. 26 in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Sacramento and Washington. WNBA players will be on-hand to lead the basketball drills during the competitions.

A great way to get the WNBA's name in the local paper. (Although I suspect the crowd would go "Oh no! Cooties!" if they ever stepped on such hardwood.)


afoundingfan said...

Notice the emphasis on sportsmanship... :)

Good luck getting anything in the paper i.e. AJC these days w/college football starting. There hasn't been one article (save for the Lisa Borders-specific article) on the Dream since the last game. Meanwhile, Jenna has been writing about things like GA Tech football...

pt said...

If there's an emphasis on sportsmanship, then why are they doing it in Detroit?