Friday, August 22, 2008

The Frozen Tundra of the WNBA

Recently posted on RebKell. From Slam Sports in Canada:

"The prospects are better than 50%,'' Freedman said. "The WNBA is quite positive, and so am I, that a team in Toronto will do well.

"There's a large affluent female population and the promotional and marketing opportunities are there."

Freedman, who years ago arranged for the Detroit Pistons to play pre-season games in Toronto and Hamilton, says a prominent Toronto family is looking to add some partners.

Freedman is hopeful the franchise will begin play in May 2009.

I've heard that Toronto was interested in the WNBA, but this is the first time I have a nice link. Granted, this link was from March 2008 but we don't know what's happening.

Of course, a team in Toronto will be a little tricky. Will players be paid in US or Canadian currency? (This was a sticking point in Toronto and Montreal for Major League Baseball.) Will players put their feet down and say, "I refuse to go to Toronto>" (Doubtful. Most WNBA players are foreign travellers and are reconciled to new cities.)

And finally, how does this figure with what's going on in Houston? The Toronto Comets. Myself, I think Toronto would be a great place for a WNBA team. But that's just intuition; I have no facts to back it up.

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badriya said...

I think in order for this to actually be worth something and for it to actually work they should pick players that live in canada, so it could be like something personal us actually proving that we are not only good at hockey and get some DAMN RESPECT