Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taj McWilliams-Franklin Traded to Shock; Humphrey to Mystics

From this link, via Rebkell:

to Mystics

Tasha Humphrey (F)
Eshaya Murphy (F)
2009 WNBA Draft 2nd-round pick

to Shock

Taj McWilliams-Franklin (F)

I don't know if I would have made that trade. Very, very interesting....


afoundingfan said...


Well, there goes the one Mystics player and the leader that was keeping things together, as well as they can be given that we are talking about the Mystics. Still, I have to be glad for Taj that she is getting out of that quagmire.

I wish Humphrey well although I'm kinda sad she won't be under Laimbeer's tutelage any longer.

Have you read the Mystics blog lately? Love reading Langhorne's entries...

pt said...

I was very surprised by the trade as well. At first glance, I guess that Bill thinks that Taj will put the Shock's over the top in the postseason.

And yes, reading Crystal Langhorne's Friday entries in the Mystics Insider is a regular appointment for me. I'd also recommend Seimone Augustus's diary which I think is at Yardbarker.

Q said...

Was it on here a few days ago that I read someone comment that the Shock were looking to trade Humphrey to no avail because she had been labeled as a difficult personality?

This is surprising indeed...but I think the Mystics could be the long-term winners here adding a young talent like Humphrey. She still has some work to do on her game, but nobody can question the talent.

pt said...

Yep, this is from one of our anonymous bloggers -

"The most interesting thing that you learn on the inside of a program that can't be factored in stats is the intangible team chemistry/personality/off-court hassle factor, which is impossible to know unless you are close to a program and its players...a great example is a player you would know being in the Atlanta area which was Tasha Humphrey, who has a lot of talent but also a lot of issues and thus dropped farther in the draft than many expected (and despite playing well at times is now being shopped without much other teams without much interest...."

(I wish this version of "anonymous" would comment more frequently; he or she seems to have a lot of insight.)

I think the biggest knocks on Humphrey from Rebkell posters are "laziness" and "softness" - read those how you will, because they're really not very specific criticisms.