Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back From Vacation

In sunny Las Vegas. More like "hot and extremely humid Las Vegas". I slept 11 hours when I got home last night.

You would never guess who I met at the airport. Jerry Finkbeiner, the head coach of the women's basketball program at Oral Roberts University. Finkbeiner has been very successful at ORU; he made it to the first round of the NCAA Women's Tournament. Unfortunately, his team was assigned Tennessee in the opening round. You can guess how far ORU advanced.

So what was Finkbeiner doing in Vegas, of all places? Apparently, they were holding some tournament in Las Vegas for under-18 players. (I thought I saw a few of them at the hotels.) Finkbeiner was recruiting. Given ORU's success in women's b-ball, I'm sure the casinos don't want him near the tables -- Finkbeiner has a record of beating the odds against him.

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