Friday, August 22, 2008

Dead Ball Foul

Atlanta's team sport before the Dream came along.

From now until Labor Day, my schedule reaches a serious crunch.

* Work is going to be very tough over the next week.

* This weekend I go to see my godson and other friends in North Carolina. I doubt I'll have the on-line hook-up.

* The weekend after this weekend is an event called DragonCon. It's a science-fiction and fantasy convention in Atlanta. I suppose with a job and marriage and perpetual moving across the country my geek roots withered up somewhere along the way, but some old friends come down at the house to stay for a four day weekend. (Well, actually, they don't stay. They sort of sleep here, but spend all their time at the convention.)

If any Dream fans in Atlanta are reading this, I suggest you at least watch the Parade on Saturday. That's a public event, and you'll see some...well, you'll see some pretty crazy shit, I can assure you. If science-fiction fans are people who "live in their mother's basement", well this is what you get when you expose them to daylight.

I'm going to spend as much time with my old friends as a I can. But miss the Dream game on Friday? NEVER! My friends know I have priorities....

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