Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Than One Change for the Mystics

Nakia Sanford of the Mystics recounts the following on the Pass The Ball blog:

Afterwards, I had to kick off my heels and rush back to practice. I felt like wonder woman doing a whirlwind change. I had to be a little late. I was already pumped from having to rush, but when I walked in the gym, I was soooo Hype!!!! We were scrimmaging against a group of men. It was a nice change. As Taj said “I am so glad I don’t have to practice against y’all today”. My sentiments exactly!! We have been killing each other in practice. The whole mood of the team is different. The energy. Coach J has us in check. Even in our scrimmage, every singe mistake was corrected. I missed a box out and got pulled immediately, and she let me know exactly why. I feel so good. This break gave me a chance to rest my body and my spirit (AND SHOOT FREE THROWS!!!!). The scrimmage was great because guys are so much quicker; we couldn’t do the things like make lazy passes or not box out. They would make us pay. But it was great seeing their faces when we took it to them. It was fun. After my exciting day, I came home and ate, and before I knew it I was knocked out sleep. Dog tired, the way it’s supposed to be

A few comments:

1) Little did Nakia know that she might not practice against Taj ever again.
2) Looks like Jessie Kenlaw is already doing as coach what Rollins never did.
3) Furthermore, it looks like Rollins never had the Mystics scrimmage against men - which is what every good college team is doing.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, Jessie is a much better coach than Tree. We'll see how she does up there, but Tree barely had a practice plan.

FYI Dream practices against men often and is doing so again this week.