Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lehning Blogs Again

Next stop: either the Atlanta Dream, or ESPN.

And this was a lonnnnng blog entry! The complete entry can be found at Dream Diary: The Atlanta Dream Blog:

To give you a little perspective on the magnitude of my injury, Sam Bradford, quarterback for Oklahoma, had a 2nd degree sprain in his shoulder and missed most of his season… I had a 4th degree separation. Doctors say my injury is the equivalent to an ACL tear in the knee. My original plan was to graduate in December from Kansas State and then go to Europe to play in January. It appears that God had a different plan for me.


So I’m sure all of you are thinking what happens now? My priority right now is rehabbing my shoulder. I plan to stay here at KSU to work out and rehab. I’m on schedule as it relates to my progress and we are shooting for me to be completely released to play full contact in February. As of now, my shoulder is recovering nicely. I’ve been out of the sling for almost two months and can do all normal daily activities just fine without noticing my shoulder holding me back.

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And what would an entry about Shalee Lehning's graduation be without photographs? The Atlanta Dream website hosts three photos on their website...take a look!

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