Thursday, December 17, 2009

New 2010 WNBA Schedule Completed

The new 2010 WNBA schedule is out. Here are the games for the 2010 Atlanta Dream. The full schedule is right here. (If there are pre-season games, they are not listed.)


15: @San Antonio
16: Indiana
21: Connecticut
23: @New York
28: @Phoenix
30: @Los Angeles


01: @Seattle
04: Chicago
05: @Washington
11: @New York
12: San Antonio
15: @Chicago
19: @Indiana
23: Tulsa
27: Los Angeles
29: Phoenix


01: Minnesota
03: Chicago
07: Connecticut
14: @Minnesota
16: @Indiana
17: @Connecticut
21: @Washington
25: New York
27: @Tulsa
30: @Connecticut


01: Indiana
03: Washington
06: @Indiana
10: Seattle
13: New York
14: @Chicago
17: Chicago
22: Washington

Hmm. We have five instances of back-to-back games in different cities. The early part of the 2010 schedule will be tough: out of our first 13 games, nine of them are on the road. Then we get a six-game home stand from June 23 - July 7th which balances that out.

The schedule is 34 games long. The Dream play two games against every team in the Western Conference. This leaves 22 teams to be played against Eastern Conference teams. This gives us four games against each of our five opponents, leaving just two "spare games". The opponents that get extra games are Indiana and Chicago. The extra Chicago game is a home game and the extra Indiana game is an away game, balancing out our schedule.

First game against Tulsa is at home on June 23rd. We open on the road against San Antonio on May 15th and at home against Indiana on May 16th. I'm already looking forward to it.

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kansasdreamfan said...

I like the six consecutive home games at the end of June/beginning of July... looks like a great time for a trip from Kansas!