Friday, December 18, 2009

WNBA To Make Bigger Impact on ESPN2 in 2010 (?)

Here is the tenative schedule for WNBA games this year on ESPN2:

Saturday, May 15: Los Angeles @ Phoenix
Tuesday, May 25: Phoenix @ Tulsa
Tuesday, June 1: Phoenix @ Minnesota
Tuesday, June 1: Atlanta @ Seattle
Tuesday, June 29: Indiana @ Washington
Tuesday, July 6: Connecticut @ San Antonio
Tuesday, July 6: Phoenix @ Los Angeles
Tuesday, July 13: Los Angeles @ Tulsa
Tuesday, July 20: New York @ Connecticut
Thursday, July 22: Los Angeles @ Indiana
Tuesday, July 27: New York @ San Antonio
Tuesday, July 27: Phoenix @ Seattle
Saturday, August 3: Washington @ Atlanta
Thursday, August 5: Connecticut @ Seattle
Saturday, August 7: Minnesota @ Chicago
Tuesday, August 10: Phoenix @ Chicago
Tuesday, August 10: Indiana @ Los Angeles
Saturday, August 21: Chicago @ Tulsa
Saturday, August 21: Los Angeles @ Seattle

(thanks to nickv1025)

Slim pickings until June 29th, when the games come fast. We have five "game day doubleheaders". All in all, that's 19 games, an increase over the 12 games last year. Add the playoffs and things are looking good.

Unfortunately, only two games for the Dream: an away game on June 1st against Seattle and a home game on August 3rd against Washington.

Of course, there's always NBA-TV. And WNBA Live Access....

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