Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dream Players Overseas

Who reigns supreme?

Perfumerias 79, Ros Casares 78: Ros Casares's unbeaten start comes to an end as Perfumerias goes on the road and beats Ros Casares on a last second shot. Ros Casares hasn't lost a Spanish League game at home in 19 months. Both teams are now tied at 10-1 at the top of the Spanish league, and it might become anybody's game. With Rivas Ecopolis beating Zaragoza, there are three teams tied for first at 10-1.

A boxscore of the game is here. A gallery of pictures can be found here.

According to, Perfumerias got out to the hot start, leading 22-13 after the first quarter, with Le'coe Willingham and Sancho Lyttle leading the way. But the "Clockwork Orange" of Ros Casares came firing back in the second quarter, taking the lead 37-36 with two minutes left at halftime. An Amaya Valdemoro 3-pointer put Ros Casares in the lead 42-38 at halftime.

In the third quarter, the war was on. Ros Casares was held to two points over four minutes but Sancho Lyttle had been stopped by Ros Casares as well. The third quarter ended 56-55 in favor of Ros Casares, but games don't stop after 30 minutes. Anna Montañana and Becky Hammon helped take the score to 62-55 in favor of Ros Casares. However, Perfumerias came right back and the game was tied 75-75 with one minute left.

Sancho Lyttle got sent to the free throw line and sank two. Becky Hammon answered back with a 3-pointer and Ros Casares led 78-77 with seven seconds left. Perfumerias got the ball down low to Willingham, who scored to put the game up 79-78 Perfumerias. Laia Palau tried for a last second shot for Ros Casares, but it didn't go it.

It was an amazing game for both Atlanta Dream players. Eeven though Becky Hammon led Ros Casares with 16 points, Erika de Souza had 14 points, 12 rebounds and 4 steals. However, she fouled out in the fourth quarter. Amaya Valdemoro also had 14 points. For Perfumerias, Le'Coe Willingham had 22 points points but Sancho Lyttle had 19 points and 14 rebounds. Silvia Dominguez had eight assists for Perfumerias.

Polkowice had their cake and ate it, too.

Polkowice 69, Krakow 57: Fans from Polkowice gave their team a standing ovation as Polkowice wins the second of the two regular season games against Krakow. Polkowice jumps to 11-2 on the regular season with Krakow falling to 8-5 - apparently, Euroleague success doesn't translate to the Polish league.

A gallery of game images is here.

The game was very physical. The first half was close - 35-32 in favor of Polkowice - but the second half was much more decisive. Polkowice cut off Marta Fernandez of Krakow and Krakow slowly faded away.

Daria Mieloszyńska led Polkowice with 24 points and 11 rebounds and Natalia Trafimava added 16 points. Janelle Burse had 15 points and 7 rebounds and Ewelina Kobryn had 15 points and 6 rebounds. Iziane Castro Marques only played for 17 minutes and only scored six points.

Factoid: The game started out with the presentation to a big cake to the CCC company, which has sponsored the Polkowice team for the last twenty years. You can see pictures of the cake in the gallery.

Mersin 75, Canyaka 64: Mersin advances to 8-1 in the Turkish league with a win over Çankaya University. Çankaya drops to 3-6 in league play.

It only took two quarters for Mersin to extend the lead to 22-11 on the road against visiting Çankaya University. Ivory Latta had a good second quarter and helped spread the lead to 43-28 by halftime. Çankaya University was unable to put up a challenge in the second half. Visiting Çankaya won both of the remaining quarters, but it wasn't enough to overcome that halftime deficit.

Megan Frazee of the San Antonio Silver Stars led Çankaya University with 25 poitns and 15 rebounds. Josephine Owino, formerly out of Union College, had 14 points and 7 rebounds, but also had six turnovers. Ivory Latta led Mersin with 14 points, followed by Saziye Ivegin with 12 points and Barbara Turner with 12 points and 7 rebounds.

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No information on the remaining game, Good Angels Kosice vs. Basket Steel Kosice.

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