Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hortencia on European Tour to Visit Players: Iziane Next?

Hortencia Marcari, the head of the women's department of the governing body of Brazilian basketball, didn't just come to Europe to visit Erika de Souza. She has other players in her sights as well.

From Fabio Balassiano's Bala Na Cesta Blog:

Hortencia: Then I went to Valencia to talk to Erika and the Franciele. I really like Fran, and told her that she needs to prepare, train separately (ability, fitness, shooting, dribbling and stuff). The girl has great potential and can lead others (to become a "four" more open perhaps). I did this because I want to keep a closer relationship with the girls. Can I tell the girls, talk, exchange ideas. So grow. Also plan a trip to see the Iziane in Poland. It is to happen this year or next year. I even take the Janeth. If you get it right, take the coach of women also.

It looks like Hortencia is going to visit Iziane in Poland. (The greatest Brazilian players are known only by one name.) Every obstacle is now out of the way from Iziane Castro Marques returning to the Brazilian national team. Coach Paulo Bassul - whom Iziane hated - will probably be fired soon. The only remaining problem might be Iziane's stubbornness.

(Thanks to Bert at the Painel do Basquete Feminino blog!)


rogerio silvestre said...

I did not know that Bassul has already been fired. Who told you that?

pt said...

Actually, I'm wrong about that. I remember reading that his job was in jeopardy, and I concluded that he was fired. My mistake.

rogerio silvestre said...

That's okay. I am wondering why Hortencia did not decide about Bassul's future. I feel bad for him!!!!