Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miller Twins Avoid Death from Subway Explosions in Moscow

An interesting article from the Rochester (Minnesota) Post-Bulletin tells how a decision made by Coco and Kelly Miller on March 29th saved the twins' lives.

On most Sundays, the Millers, 31, travel to a church by way of the Sokolnicheskaya train, or as locals call it, the Red Line. The route allows them to avoid the city's traffic-choked streets.

On the Monday of the explosion, the Millers again used the metro, but instead took the Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya train, known as the Blue Line.

Eight minutes after they boarded the Blue Line, the first explosion ripped through a train on the Red Line.

A very scary thought that the Millers could have been killed playing overseas basketball.

P. S.: Interestingly, the editor states that WNBA training camp says May 2nd for the Millers. My understanding is that training camp starts April 25th.

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