Saturday, April 10, 2010

LFB Semifinals 1/2009 - Perfumerias 65, Rivas Ecopolis 59

In the opening game of the Spanish League semifinals - Ros Casares will have its hands full on Sunday playing Spartak Moscow in the Euroleague finals - Perfumieras gets the first win at home in Salamanca in a close 65-59 battle. The semifinals is a best-of-three series and if lucky, Perfumerias can close the series with the second game on April 14th.

The box score is here.

Crystal Langhorne came out strong for Rivas Ecopolis in the first quarter, scoring 12 points in just under seven minutes. Sancho Lyttle picked up two quick first quarter finals and found herself on the bench. Down 21-17, Perfumerias managed to close within one point, 23-22 at the end of the first quarter.

Lyttle picked up her third foul in the middle of the second - an important distinction, as in Euroball players only get five fouls. Le'coe Willingham and Olga Podkovalnikova (playing hurt) had to carry the load for Perfumerias. By halftime, Perfumieras was only up 36-34 and both teams would get a rest for the second half.

In the third quarter, the game became a defensive struggle. Perfumerias scored six points, and Rivas Ecopolis scored five in the first five minutes of the third quarter. Perfumerias got a boost and held off Langhorne to end the quarter 46-42 in favor of Perfumerias, giving Lyttle a chance to come back into the game with four fouls. Lyttle was out of kilter but Perfumerias managed to hang on and take a 56-49 lead, a lead which they would keep throughout.

Crystal Langhorne led Rivas Ecopolis with 16 points and eight rebounds. Catherine Joens scored 12 points and Petra Ujhelyi scored seven points and four rebounds.

For Perfumerias, Le'coe Willingham scored 14 points and eight rebounds. Alba Torrens scoed 12 points and four rebounds and Olga Podkovalnikova scored four points and four rebounds.

Sancho Lyttle managed to get 22 minutes in despite four personal fouls:

6 points
5 rebounds
2 assists
22 minutes

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