Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jennifer Lacy Released by Dream

No news from the Dream front office. The only news is one lone sentence on the WNBA website's transaction page.

The Atlanta Dream released Jennifer Lacy.

Wow. I didn't see that coming for a number of unstated reasons. Lacy played two years in Phoenix, and then came to the Atlanta Dream with the expansion draft in 2008. She played two years in Atlanta. In the first year, Lacy started in 22 games, but none in the second year. Over time, her minutes dropped from 18 per game in 2008 to 11 per game in 2009.

The first year with the Dream, she averaged 5.7 points per game. The second year, she averaged 3.0.

What happens next will be very, very interesting. Let's wish Jennifer Lacy the best of luck and hope that she can catch on with some other team.

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