Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Week's Schedule

There's a slight change in the Spanish women's semifinals: since the finals of Euroleague are this weekend, the Ros Casares-Zaragoza opening round game was booted to next Wednesday. Valencia will be hosting the Euroleague Final Four, so Ros Casares will have home field advantage. Erika de Souza 's Ros Casares will play Iziane Castro Marques's Krakow on Friday, giving the two Brazilians a chance to say hello again.


Euroleague Semifinals: Ros Casares vs. Krakow


LFB Semifinals: Perfumerias vs. Rivas Ecopolis, Game 1
TBBL: Tarsus (10-10) vs. Galatasaray (16-4)
LFB2: Arxil (5-20) vs. Burgos (22-3)


Euroleague Finals: Ros Casares-Krakow winner vs. Spartak Moscow-Ekaterinburg winner
Euroleague 3rd-4th Place: Ros Casares-Krakow loser vs. Spartak Moscow-Ekaterinburg loser

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