Friday, June 12, 2009

The All American Red Heads: "Play Ball!"

RebKell poster Luuuc has helped put together this YouTube clip of the All American Red Heads in action with footage provided by All American Red Heads historian John Molina.

Let me set it up before you: before there was even the inkling of women's basketball, there was the barnstorming All-American Red Heads.

According to their Wikipedia article, they played from 1936 to around 1986. Their season consisted of about 200 games a year.

Part basketball players, part entertainers, the clip below only gives you a hint of what they were capable of and provokes the saddest of questions: what might have been?

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John Molina said...

Thanks for posting this. your blog showed up on my google alert.

To learn more you can also visit

After how much I have learned on this team, I will simply say that these were some of the greatest women to ever step on the court.

and quite a few still live in the Georgia, FL area.