Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three Point Chuckers

I'll bet she's behind the arc....

Which WNBA players have taken most of their shots as three point attempts? The abbreviated list is below. And believe it or not, there was one player in history who only took five shots, all 3-pointers!

Minimum 5 FGA: Chandra Johnson, 5 FGA, 5 3PA (100 percent)
Minimum 100 FGA: Laurie Koehn, 222 FGA, 205 3PA (92.3 percent)
Minimum 500 FGA: Kelly Mazzante, 811 FGA, 548 3PA (67.6 percent)
Minimum 1000 FGA: Tully Belivaqua, 1074 FGA, 619 3PA (57.6 percent)

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Rebecca said...

Well, of course she's behind the arc. The picture's from the three-point shooting contest in 2007 that she completely dominated in record-setting fashion.