Friday, January 16, 2009

Four Dreamers Whose Jobs Are Safe

On the message boards and elsewhere, there is a lot of speculation as to which players will end up on the Dream's roster in 2009 - particularly if it's true that WNBA rosters will shrink to 11 players.

However, the answer is right in front of us. There have been four players who have been advertised by the Dream all winter - heck, you see them every time you go to the Dream home page.

Everytime time the page loads, the random image of someone associated with the Dream pops up in the space at the top of the page. I've hit "refresh" 25 times and I get the same five people, over and over. Clearly, there's a consensus as to which persons will serve as the face of the 2009 Atlanta Dream.

Those persons are:

Marynell Meadors, the coach
Katie Mattera, who is still referred to as "Katie Feenstra"
Ivory Latta,
Tamera Young, and...

...occasionally Betty Lennox will show up.

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Anonymous said...

Don't read too much into the web photos....just leftover stuff I am guessing from their first year images. They seem to be updating a lot of stuff now so watch for changes I bet