Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kasha Terry Out at Utex Row Rybnik in Poland

Once again, a member of the Atlanta Dream is unemployed. Kasha Terry and LaTangela Atkinson's contracts with Utex Row Rybnik have been terminated.

It wasn't anything that Terry or Atkinson did. The club has no money to pay them. The notice:

Club Koszykarski ROW Rybnik Sp. z oo advises that in view of the financial problems that affect our advertisers and sponsors of the club are forced to introduce a savings plan in the season 2008/2009. The introduction of savings is intended to preserve and maintain the club at the level of women's basketball in Rybnik ekstraklasy in the following years.

Utex Row is looking into sponsorship to help them financially. They hope to keep Ketia Swanier on the team and are working towards some kind of arrangement.

Club president Adam Greczyło said, "We need this, because we do not want to end the season with 200 debt or 300 thousand." Part of the problem is that the American players are paid in dollars, and Polish currency has fallen against the dollar.

I guess all I can say to Kasha Terry is "welcome back" and it's a shame that your experience in Poland got cut short. As for Atlanta Dream fans, we know that Kasha Terry and Tamera Young will be rested up, at the least....

Tickets were booked for Terry and Atkinson for a flight on Saturday. Undoubtedly, they are on their way home.

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