Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Link Editing

It is with a great amount of regret that I've pulled Rethinking Basketball from the link list.

It was probably one of the best women's basketball blogs out there, both for thoughtful writing and in-depth statistical analysis. Unfortunately, the author disappeared in September. I wrote him at the beginning of the month, asking if he'd ever update the blog - but I got no reply.

In science fiction, they call this "gafiating" - from GAFIA, or "get away from it all". Q has gone to the Glades of Gafia, and he will be missed.


Anonymous said...

I too have been wondering about him. He hasn't posted since the WNBA finals last year. Been toying with removing the blog from my favorites list...guess it's time. I hope all is well. His postings are most definitely missed!

Rebecca said...

I just figured that he wouldn't show up again until the season started. He seems like the kind of guy who wants a solid roster under his feet before he starts doing comparisons.

Anonymous said...

What Rebecca said. I hope Q is laying low until the W gets going.

I wasn't going to get wrapped up in NCAAW this year, but while I was waiting for W'09, yeah, I found some "teams of interest". Maybe Q is only into pro ball.

Rebecca said...

College basketball is the best methadone this WNBA junkie has ever found, although people tend to look at me oddly when I say I'm a WNBA fan first and got into college basketball because I needed a fix.

I love my Red Storm, but that love will never be a patch on my love for the Liberty. And I love traveling to college games, but none of that matches the thrill I got from going to Seattle, although we'll see about that with the Final Four.