Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chioma Nnamaka and Ann Strother - It's Over

Two members of the Dream family are saying goodbye, through no fault of their own. Chioma Nnamaka and Ann Strother have been waived.

For Chioma, everyone saw it coming. She had the lowest PER on the entire team. She scored the fewest points and played the fewest minutes. For Ann, I was surprised. She had a higher PER than Tamera Young, and she had a better overseas season than Young. But she only played 160 minutes to Young's 715, and Young was a first round draft choice. So that was that.

Whenever I see Chioma and Ann in my mind's eye, they'll always be wearing a Dream uniform. Best of luck and Godspeed in this world.


Anonymous said...

As I think others have noted at rebkell (including noting with respect to Mann when she was waived recently) - the shelf life of tweener players in the league is not long in the new 11 player environment. Ann is a unique talent to be so tall and shoot well, but with no bulk and no defensive speed you would much rather have a Sidney Spencer or Catherine Kraayveld type player doing that compared to Ann or Kristen Mann.....

Unknown said...

I think with Ann. She couldn't use her height to post smaller players. That is due to playing in a winning DI program like UConn. You aren't able to do to many things. Likewise, she did lack quickness and speed on the defensive side particularly against smaller guards.

I thought Chioma didn't get an adequate look. She is someone I like because she is shooter who doesn't tire. I would say four or five years down the road when she develops consistency on her shots, a playoff contending team would like to have her.