Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dream Win Streak Ends at Seattle 90-72

It wasn't going to last forever, and playing against the Storm on their home court at the end of a four-game road swing was just too much to take. The Dream lost 90-72 last night. They have never won at Seattle's Key Arena, and it will be either 2011 or the WNBA Finals before they get a chance to try again.

With the Atlanta loss and the Seattle win, both teams are 6-1 and leading their respective conferences.

Jayda Evans writes about it here.

Here's the AP writeup posted in Sydney, Australia.

All it all circumstances can't be blamed - the Storm are damned good. McCoughtry taking bad shots and Lyttle and de Souza getting into early foul trouble didn't help.

Let's beat up the Sky on Friday night at Philips Arena to express our displeasure.


Anonymous said...

Both teams had positives and negatives but LJs ability to hit the 3 gave Seattle the boost they needed. The Dream need to work on FTs, passing and defending the 3pt line as well as all around shooting consistantly. I would also like to see better shot selection from our top players. DeSouza and Lyttle are a big part of the Dreams sucess and they didnt have great games. Seattle is an amazing team so i expected it to be a competitive game. Hopefully the Dream will work on fixing weaknesses and the next Dream vs Seattle game will end differently. Seems player movement has made teams more level so itll be interesting to see who the top teams are going into the finals.

umaynotagree said...

Angel caused that game to be what it was. She did not play team ball. She shot from anywhere on the court and did not think of passing.