Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dream Treat Kids to 96-90 Victory over the Shock

We led by 18 at one point, but Tulsa caught us with our pants down. After they closed to within a couple of baskets, it was a struggle for the rest of the game. And then McCoughtry went nuts in the second half and managed to lead the Dream to victory. It was her ninth game where she's scored 20 plus points.

The box score is here.

USA Today and Charles Odum writes about the victory.

The news from the Associated Press.

The staff of the Tulsa World probably saw the game on television.

Tulsa's Channel Eight has the story.

The Sports Network makes its report.

The reason it's taken so long to report on the result is...I've just seen the game. I saw the replay on Sports South, being very careful not to find out the score before the game was over. It was very annoying when Sports South would cut a few minutes out of the game for time. In the bottom half of the second quarter - thank God they jumped ahead three minutes, because I didn't have to watch a major part of Tulsa's 21-6 run in the first half.

If you've noticed...I've been a little bit busy. Hopefully, more on this game later. 10-4 and #1 in the East, baby! Now it's time to whip the Sparks on Sunday!

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