Saturday, June 12, 2010

Attendance for Atlanta-Chicago Game

According to, the attendance was 2,515 for the Atlanta-Chicago game. That's not only the lowest attendance for any Atlanta Dream game at Philips Arena, but it's the lowest attendance of any game in the WNBA since June 16, 2009 when the Connecticut Sun visited the Chicago Sky at the UIC Pavilion and only 2,396 fans showed up...and the Sky had an excuse because their previous home only seated about 6,000 people.

Part of the Dream's attendance woes - they're only averaging about 4700 fans this year - come from the fact that the changeover in ownership and management came so late in the previous year that it really hurt the Dream's season-ticket sales. That and the fact that the Dream have had few home games this season.

Look, we all know there are forces out there in Atlanta (looks warily at the sportswriters of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) that would love to see the Dream fold up and die. But frankly, if you don't show up to these games - and this game on Sunday - the Dream might not be here in 2011. In the end, if you don't show up, the only conclusion they can draw is that you weren't interested enough.

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