Monday, June 21, 2010

The Dream and its Increasing (?) Attendance

Pierce W. Huff writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the Dream's...increasing attendance?

It's all in a marketing day's work. As they have season, the Dream last Thursday continued with their all-out promotional blitz, using team appearances, community functions and ticket giveaways to make themselves better known to the local community. The goal: increase ticket sales, even if it means personally meeting every Atlantan to do so.

The hard work is already paying dividends.

With average attendance up to 5,784, the Dream are drawing 1,300 more fans per game than last year. Attendance has increased in each of its past three home dates. The Dream plays Tulsa at noon Wednesday, the unusual start time due to the WNBA's annual Kids Day.

“There had been a very low awareness of this brand and this organization,” said Toby Wyman, the Dream’s president and chief operating officer.

Really? I thought attendance was down. Of course, it could be that the 4,284 number from last year - 5,784 minus the 1,300 more we're supposed to be drawing this year - is the real, secret number of fannies in seats from last year. (The number that only the DFO and Donna Orender knows about.) In which case, stand back for Wednesday because they're going to blow right past 5,784 in actual attendance during Kids Day.

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Anonymous said...

Ummm....attendance has increased from the second game to now for sure....but as someone who was a season ticket holder last year and this year....they are lying if they say attendance is BETTER by over a 1000 this year. Last year opening night was packed, this year it was half empty. Last year we never had a night as bad as that game a couple weeks ago when there were like a thousand people there. I do think they are working hard to make it better, but this is typical sports team BS.