Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream Lose Second Straight Against Sky, 80-70

With much love to audsquad, the blogger at the Chicago Sky Blog, man do I hate the G*******d Chicago Sky.

Pierce W. Huff is off the block with the first post-mortem from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Score Atlanta tells you the score, Atlanta.

The Dream lost 80-70. Don't let the score fool you. The Dream weren't in it all game. Angel McCoughtry looked lost. Erika de Souza was held scoreless. And to top it off, we go to Washington and play the Mystics back to back.

That was a game I just don't want to think about anymore. What the hell happened?


Scarab said...

felt like I was in the Twilight Zone the whole game...smh

Anonymous said...

What changed? Why cant the Dream get it back together? Sigh, not much to say, lets see how the next game pans out.

audsquad said...

you guys got your first win in franchise history against the Sky in '08. The Sky had no business losing that game. Totally embarrassing. 7-0 since. Eternal payback! ha ha j/k...good luck today vs. DC :-) ya'll are one of my favorite non-Sky teams to watch