Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boyfriend of Dream Draft Pick Ardossi Arrested after Assault

From WSB-TV:

Channel 2 Action News has confirmed that a Georgia Tech football player was arrested following a fight.

Defensive end Bobby Hall is accused of beating his girlfriend, Bridget Ardossi, during a fight over their scholarship money.

Ardossi, a former star Georgia Tech basketball player, said she and Hall had argued. The two shared an apartment at the undergraduate living center.

Ardossi said Hall dragged her and slammed her head against a door and wall.

According to the article, Hall has been suspended from the Georgia Tech team and faces battery charges. The actual police report can be found here.

At least Georgia Tech is taking the right action. Roberty Hall has been suspended indefinitely from the team. Good.


Aneela Khan said...

wow. I hope she's okay!! :)

Dreamer said...

Hope Bridget's okay, too. Hate to bring up the whole interracial aspect of this, but homeboy's in a LOT of trouble not only because of what he did but who he did it to.