Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nightly News

Who would have thought so much would happen overnight? Some of the big stories:

1. Amber Jacobs will be playing tonight at point guard for the Mystics when the Dream come to visit. The Washington post states that she hasn't been that comfortable at point guard, forcing passes and never being at ease. If the Dream have a chance to steal a win, it's with Jacobs. Of course, the Mystics could just put Beard right back in.

2. It looks like Chantelle Anderson has just been waived by the Dream.

Rumor has it that Anderson tore her ACL while playing for Turkey. It was thought that she'd recover and come back for the Dream. Guess not. So we lose her height and it looks like Katie Feenstra and Erika DeSouza will be sharing center duties for the Dream.

3. Bernadette Ngoyisa was acquired from the Chicago Sky to the Indiana Fever some time last night. Ngoyisa will be playing in tonight's Indiana/Connecticut matchup as the Fever try to keep the Sun from going 4-0.

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