Monday, May 26, 2008

2008/3 - Sparks 74, Dream 56

The Dream saw this a lot on Sunday.

Well, there were some good points and some bad points as LA came off an eight day layoff and into Atlanta.

The Good

1) The vaunted Candace Parker didn't get another 30+ point game. Not only that, but this wasn't another 33-point blowout, despite the fact that the Sparks are supposedly the team to beat this year.

2) The Dream actually won another half! Last week, they won the first half against the Shock, but didn't know how to hold on to it. This time, they won the back half by two points -- 35-33 -- and prevented the Sparks from running away with it.

The Bad

1) The Sparks pretty much lead from the opening tipoff.

2) The Dream shot 29 percent from the field. This is one of those weekends when the naysayers pop up and say "I told you so -- girls can't shoot!" Well, at least, the Dream can't shoot. They scored a grand total of six points in the second quarter.

3) The Incredible Shrinking Ivory Latta. It was an 0-8 game for Ivory. She is 2-24 in shooting overall this year. That is an 8 percent shooting percentage, and I'm beginning to suspect that Ivory is going to be like me, watching a lot of games from a comfortable seat.

3) Betty Lennox. 1 for 10. I thought you were called "B-Money"! Four points total for Betty.

4) There were a lot of people at Phillips wearing orange. Tennessee fans. Cheering for the #$%#$% Sparks!

5) Supposedly, the height of the Sparks took a lot of shots away from the Dream. Which begs the question, "then why try to make bad shots?"

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