Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hollinger Ratings 5/28/2008

If I understand the Hollinger formula for power rankings used on ESPN, here are the current WNBA Hollinger ratings:

Fever 108.9143385
Mercury 105.4141186
Monarchs 104.7965052
Comets 104.6472284
Dream 104.2633827
Liberty 103.8731163
Lynx 103.68
Sky 100.736
Silver Stars 96.35721854
Mystics 96.2446723
Storm 95.8463705
Shock 95.7793955
Sun 94.86011921
Sparks 93.29448649

Why are the results so odd? Why are the Sparks at the bottom of the list?

Because with such a small sample size -- so few games have been played -- strength of schedule overwhelms the other mathematical factors. The Sparks have the most cushy schedule so far -- two wins against teams with a combined 0-7. The Hollinger ratings aren't impressed.

Whereas the Dream is given a fifth place ranking because it has played tough opponents. The Dream's opponents are a combined 11-3, and we've actually done well in spurts against them.

For Sparks and Sun fans, don't fret. After a few more games are played, we'll see the leagues powerhouses rise to the top and the bottom feeders in their expected places.

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