Friday, June 27, 2008

Net Plus/Minus for Dream

Plus/Minus is scored as simply

[(points scored when you are on the floor) - (opponent points scored when you are on the floor)] - [(points scored when you are off the floor) - (opponent points scored when you are off the floor)]

The idea is to see how well the team is doing with you on the floor and how well it is doing with you off it. As a result, plus/minus scores aren't "transferrable" across teams -- you can't compare Betty Lennox's plus/minus to say Michelle Snow's. What plus/minus does is gives you some idea as to how valuable a player is compared to the choices a team has to substitute her.

When these "points scored" values are adjusted to a forty-minute game -- in other words, when points scored becomes "points scored per forty minutes" -- one comes up with a figure called "net plus-minus".

The figures for the Atlanta Dream:

Latta: +16.4
Lennox: +5.1
Feenstra: +4.5
Little: +3.8
Lovelace: +1.8
Young: +1.6
Castro Marques: -2.9
Mann: -4.4
Lacy: -5.9
Haynie: -16.0

In this case, I did not list any player with less than 130 minutes, except for Haynie who has 129.4 minutes.

This gives us an idea of the best possible lineup:

Latta-Lennox-Feenstra-Lovelace-Castro Marques

Without Little around, Izi becomes our #2 forward...and she's not bringing a lot to the table.

(Thanks to Swanny and his wonderful stat page.)

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