Saturday, October 4, 2008

More on Ros Casares's Supercopa Win

I believe I promised to write that I'd say something about the Supercopa which took place on October 2nd, a four-team single-elimination tournament won by Ros Casares. As the four Supercopa teams are considered the best teams in women's basketball in Spain, it's a feather in the cap going into season play.

I would have liked to cut and paste the stats into something approaching an American boxscore, but the way the HTML format is set up on the FEB website, it's just working. So I'll have to link to the Spainsh boxscore and give you a key to comprehending it.

The Supercopa final boxscore is Ros Casares 72, San Jose 50.

The key:

I: Whether or not the player started
N: Number
Jugador: Player name
Min: Minutes
Ptos: Points
2 puntos: two-point field goals assisted and made, with percentage
3 points: the same, for three pointers
T. Camp: Total shooting percentage, made, attempted, percentage
T. L. : Free throws attempted, made, percentage
Rebotes: Rebounds - defensive, offensive, total
As.: assists
B. R. : most likely, steals
B. P. : turnovers - in French, a turnover is a "balle perdu"
Tapones: blocks - F indicates "blocks made", C indicates that you had a shot blocked
Mat: ????
Faltas: fouls - C indicates fouls charged to a player, R indicates a foul received by a player from the opposing team
Val: Probably a linear metric

All in all, San Jose was outshot 56 percent to 30 percent. The mystery isn't that San Jose lost by 22, but that they only lost by 22. Add to that that San Jose turned the ball over thirty times and didn't get a single blocked shot.

Erika de Souza had a double double, 14 points and 10 rebounds, with three offensive boards. She led everyone on Ros Casares for points. However, 14 points on 17 attempts isn't that efficient. Blame her 2-for-6 performance at the free throw line.

Roneeka Hodges had 10 points for Ros Casares - Hodges was a player on the Comets this year, averaging 7.3 points a game. San Jose had Eshaya Murphy, a guard for the Washington Mystics this year, add 9 points with Kimberly Butler (an Oregon State graduate) adding zero points in 20 minutes played. Rosa Perez Capparos led all San Jose players with 13 points.

Now...if you really want to see Erika de Souza...go to and see the entire game, from beginning to end, from a YouTube link on their front page.

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