Friday, July 25, 2008

"...I might have to teach something like that."

ATLgirl13 at the Atlanta Dream Message Board (see link to left) finds this from an article in the Seattle Times.

But Atlanta coach Marynell Meadors believes the rough play has gone too far and extends beyond two teams.

Dream guard Ivory Latta was knocked so hard in the face by a forearm in a loss to Sacramento on Tuesday that a tooth fell out. Monarchs players laughed while Latta dealt with the problem, according to Meadors.

"That's not funny," the coach said. "It's got to stop — the moving screens, elbows, holding, bullying and fist-pumping. It's not our game.

"We used to be all talent, finesse and running. Now teams are bullying more. The officials have got to do something. It's either that or I've got to start teaching it. That's a little scary to think I might have to teach something like that."

Amen, Coach. Amen.

P. S. As you can see from the comments, I inadvertantly attributed the scoop to afoundingfan. One click of the editor, and Wham-o!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pet, thanks for the credit...but it actually was posted by ATLgirl13!

This article pissed me off. Laughing at someone when they are hurt? Are you KIDDING me?!

And the Sac Bee mentioned the players applauding Robinson but I don't know if that was for the hurt she put on Latta.

Anyway, I guarantee you that I will be writing to the Monarchs organization.

And if this is the way the league is going (including the sham of "punishments" that were handed out), believe me...I have other things I can and will spend my money on.

I'm not going to help pay salaries of athletes who have no regard for sportsmanship.

And that's coming from someone who's been following the women's game since the late 70s and attending WNBA games in different cities since its inception.